Himolla 7905 S-Lounger

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Elegant S-LOUNGER 7905 recliner from himolla for individual seating comfort

By opting for the S-LOUNGER 7905, you are choosing a high-quality armchair in a modern look. The chair is distinguished by its slim design with narrow side parts. It is available in sizes S, M and L. Thanks to the wide range of fabrics and leathers available, you can determine the design of your recliner individually. And you will benefit from the five-year guarantee on many covers. This chair can be successfully combined with Lounger 4905 models.

Six attractive base frames for the armchair

Choose one of six attractive base frames to perfectly match your preferred cover. There is a choice between three base plates and three star bases. The base plates are available in wood, a stainless steel finish and in wood with a broad stainless steel ring. All the visible wooden parts are available in attractive beech and wild oak versions. The star base comes in a chrome-plated version, with a stainless steel finish and in powder-coated anthracite.

Electric armchair: can be controlled by a manual switch, remote control or app

The S-LOUNGER 7905 is available in four different electric versions. The model with one motor offers electric adjustment of the leg rest and manual adjustment of the backrest by means of the gas spring mechanism. The version with two motors includes a separate electric adjustment of the leg rest and backrest. The three-motor model comes with either electric Lift & Rise or the circulation-friendly heart balance function. The electric armchair is controlled by a magnetic manual switch, an electrical wireless remote control or an app.


  • Recliner with an integrated leg rest and an adjustable backrest
  • Saddle stitching
  • 3 sizes: S-M-L
  • 4 functional versions available: electric (1, 2 or 3 motors)
  • 6 base frames: 3 star bases and 3 types of base plate (metal, wood, combination)
  • angle adjustment of the headrest (man/elctr)
  • Separate adjustment of the leg rest and the backrest
  • Heart balance
  • Lift & Rise
  • External battery possible
  • Manual switch with magnet
  • Optional: wireless remote control
  • App control optional
  • 360° swivel
  • Seat heights: 44, 46, 50 cm
  • Seat depths: 52, 54, 56 cm
  • Seat width: 49 cm
  • 3 seat tensions: Superlastic soft, Superlastic med, Superlastic plus spring core
  • Matching Lounger 4905 sets
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